Deputy President’s VIP Protection Team Under Fire for Assaulting Motorists in Motorcade Incident

Controversial use of force raises concerns about VIP convoy protocols

In a shocking incident caught on video and widely circulated on social media, Deputy President Mr. Paul Mashatile‘s VIP protection team was seen assaulting both the driver and passengers of a blue VW car. The incident occurred when the VW car allegedly blocked the Deputy President’s motorcade for a distance of approximately 30 kilometers, stretching from William Nicole to the N1 road.

According to eyewitnesses, the VW car failed to yield to the motorcade despite numerous warnings and sirens. In South Africa, drivers are informed during the process of obtaining a driver’s license that vehicles with blue lights always have the right of way. The failure to comply with this rule is a serious offense and can potentially disrupt the movement of important state officials.

Presidential VIP security training outlines various protocols to deal with situations where a vehicle denies a VIP convoy’s passage. These measures are designed to protect the state official from potential threats to their safety. One such procedure involves eliminating the threat by shooting the driver, as it is considered an indication of a possible attack or danger. It is also possible that the vehicle blocking the convoy might be carrying dangerous explosive materials that could detonate upon the state official’s approach. Additionally, the delay caused by such obstruction might provide criminals with extra time to execute their plans further down the road.

In this particular case, instead of following the prescribed protocol, the VIP protection team chose to physically assault the occupants of the VW car. The video footage shows members of the security team forcefully removing the passengers from the vehicle and subjecting them to physical violence.

The incident has sparked widespread criticism and debate over the appropriate use of force by VIP protection teams. Concerns have been raised regarding the team’s decision to deviate from established protocols and resort to physical assault rather than following the recommended course of action.

The incident has also prompted calls for a thorough investigation into the actions of the Deputy President’s VIP protection team. It is crucial to ascertain whether the assault was an isolated incident or indicative of a broader pattern of misconduct within the team.

The office of Deputy President Mashatile has not yet released an official statement regarding the incident. However, it is expected that an inquiry will be launched to determine the facts surrounding the case and to hold those responsible for the assault accountable.

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