Gang attacking in the bush.

The community of Lwamondo-Hagelebe says enough as the community is being attacked in the bush collecting fire wood. Some are bitten and other being stabbed to death.

Ms Kwinda Netshilema.

On Friday 29 August 2020 ,Ms kwinda Netshilema 73 was attacked by a gang of boys at Lwamondo-Hagelebe as she was collecting firewood that she chopped the previous day. This is not the first attack but the fourth one. Some attack include a woman who was killed as she was in bush collecting wood. Ms kwinda left home around 09:00 to collect the wood, she was then attacked by an unknown group who stabbed her and sustain serious injuries.

The daughter to Ms Kwinda, Ms Ndivhudza Netshilima says “my mother was not carring any phone, money or panga when this incident took place she was only there to collect firewood that she chopped the previous day”. The granny was taken to Tshilidzini Hospital where she is in a stable condition. She continued to say that it looks like the work of a gang that attack old people.

The chairperson of Munna ndi nnyi? Dr Badwell Mufunwaini strongly condemned this kind of behavior and belives that this is done by young man who attack old people, especially woman. Community spoke person Calvin Nelwamondo says that as the community they will hunt this people and let the law punish them.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Motlafelo Monapelo said that a case has been open and anyone with information should contact the police.

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