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In the bustling heart of South Africa lies Gauteng, a province teeming with energy, diversity, and opportunity. Amidst its vibrant townships and urban landscapes, a transformative initiative called Hoi Hoi Gauteng is making waves. Let’s delve into what this program entails, why it matters, and how it’s shaping the future for unemployed youth.

What Is Hoi Hoi Gauteng?

Hoi Hoi Gauteng is an ambitious skilling intervention program launched by the ANC-led Gauteng Provincial Government. Premier Panyaza Lesufi officially announced its commencement on April 6, 20241. The program, in collaboration with the Department of Employment & Labour, aims to provide practical skills training for unemployed youth with valid ID’s across various fields.

Key Objectives

1. Addressing Unemployment Head-On

Gauteng, like many regions globally, grapples with high youth unemployment rates. The Abolova baseKasi Skilling Initiative, a key component of Hoi Hoi Gauteng, directly tackles this issue. By offering targeted training programs, it equips participants with practical skills that enhance their employability. Whether it’s bricklaying, electrical work, welding, or artisanal skills, the program bridges the gap between formal education and real-world expertise.

2. Bridging the Skills Gap

Formal education alone is insufficient in today’s dynamic job market. Many young individuals lack practical skills demanded by employers. The Abolova baseKasi Skilling Initiative steps in, providing hands-on training facilitated by experienced artisans and industry professionals. Participants gain valuable insights, ensuring they’re well-prepared for sustainable employment opportunities.

3. Empowering Communities

The name “baseKasi” reflects the program’s commitment to uplifting township communities. By empowering youth with tangible skills, Hoi Hoi Gauteng contributes to community growth and self-sufficiency. It’s more than just training; it’s a catalyst for positive change.

Abolova baseKasi vs. Nasi Ispani

It’s essential to distinguish between the Abolova baseKasi Skilling Intervention Programme and Nasi Ispani:

  • Abolova baseKasi:
    • Provides skills training in fields like bricklaying, electrical work, welding, and artisanal skills.
    • Participants receive a monthly stipend of R3,500 during training.
  • Nasi Ispani:

Looking Ahead

As the program kicks off, Gauteng echoes the rallying cry: “Less talk, more work!” The goal is clear: to empower the youth, grow communities, and build a stronger, more resilient province. So, mark your calendars for April 6, 2024, when Gauteng takes a significant step towards a brighter future.

Remember, it’s not just about training; it’s about transforming lives. Let’s crush unemployment together, base Kasie! ????????????‍♀️

Note: “Hoi Hoi” is a colloquial expression in South African townships, signifying enthusiasm and encouragement.1


  1. HoiHoi Gauteng-Abolova baseKasi: Apply NOW R3500 p/m
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  3. HOI HOI CLASS OF 2022! – The Gauteng Department of Education – Facebook

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