Makhadzi Mukhuba, Daughter of Pastor Mukhuba, Reveals Family Struggles on Social Media

Makhadzi Mukhuba (28), a travelling fanatic and the daughter of Pastor Mukhuba, recently took to TikTok to share her personal struggles and family issues, sparking a wave of concern and support from her followers.

Love Story with Charlie Ngobeni

Makhadzi and her now-husband, Charlie Ngobeni, first met on Instagram. Charlie attends the Rock of Victory church led by Reverend Anosike. Their Lobola celebration took place on March 18, 2023, followed by a grand wedding. Contrary to tradition, Makhadzi chose not to hold her wedding at her mother’s church but opted for an external venue where she had a real-life Disney royalty type of a wedding.

Makhadzi’s Troubled Upbringing

Makhadzi opened up about her challenging childhood, marked by constant fighting between her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mukhuba. She revealed that their home was often filled with arguments and swearing, with no peace in sight, but on Sunday Pastor Mukhuba would go ahead and preach peace in homes and the love of Jesus Christ.

Social Media Revelation

In a candid TikTok video, Makhadzi shared her experiences and frustrations, stating that she did so voluntarily to warn her parents against continued emotional abuse. She further expressed concern about her mother’s public image, highlighting the contrast between Pastor Mukhuba’s preaching on peaceful marriages and the reality of their home life.

Controversy Surrounding Pastor Mukhuba

Despite her public stance against gender-based violence, Pastor Mukhuba has faced criticism for her handling of family issues. Her son, Rudzani, has been accused of physically abusing his girlfriends, resulting in protection orders, arrests, and even payments by Pastor Mukhuba to settle legal matters and sometime paying for reported cases against her son to disappear. Critics point out the contradiction between her preaching and her actions.

Warning to Parents

Makhadzi warned her parents that she would continue to share even more deeper about their family struggles if the emotional abuse persisted. Concerns on social media have been raised that the Ngobeni family might use this information against her in the future.

Officiating the Wedding

Makhadi did not want her wedding to happen at her mother’s church as she did not want the evil spirits at her mother’s church to follow her new marriage. Interestingly, Pastor Mukhuba officiated Makhadzi’s wedding, despite the family’s well-documented issues.

Future Revelations

Makhadzi has promised to share more details about her family’s struggles if her parents continue to emotionally abuse her.

Social Media Reaction

Many people have warned Makhadzi against exposing her family drama on social media, while others have expressed support for her courage to speak out.

What is Makhadzi’s problem exactly

As she put it in her own words: I’m literally just trying to live my life and yet my parents keep crossing my boundaries. Even though my father told me to part ways with him and his family multiple times, about 3 months ago I finally agreed because one thing I will not do is chase after that man the way my mom does. Yet now, she is continuing to try sabotaging me and I am getting sick of it. I literally bother no one and stay in my lane. What protects them is the secrets I keep for them and I am getting to the point where if she doesn’t leave me alone, I will start speaking out. I have proof of EVERYTHING. Ndo nneta, the abuse and narcissism needs to stop. And I know I will be told that I’m a demon, when I release what I know, we will see who’s really friends na Satane

The public awaits further developments as Makhadzi continues to share her story and navigate the complexities of her family life in the public eye.

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