Pastor Mukhuba Open Letter to the Government


We praise the name of the living God that South Africa’s COVID-19 recovery rate is at 82%. Now the question is why are churches still restricted to 50 people per congregation regardless of size? Everything is now opened. Malls operate almost at full capacity, casinos are allowed 50 percent capacity, buses operate at 70 percent and taxis and airplanes at 100 percent capacity, all school grades are gradually going back to school, Universities are now allowing 66 percent, bars and taverns are open. THE ONLY SECTORS THAT ARE SEVERELY RESTRICTED TO ONLY 50 PEOPLE ARE RELIGION AND FUNERALS.

The church is now equated only to funerals. Children of God are deemed to be irresponsible with regard to observing Covid health protocol than school children and people in bars and taverns.

It seems that in South Africa the government, with the advice of some religious organizations, are saying that churches and funerals are the ONLY likely danger zones where Covid can be spread. REALLY? This assertion is obviously baseless and illogical to the extreme! The question that arise then is: why is the government and its advisors from within the church itself peddling this lie and insisting, by hook or crook, to severely limit the worshipping of the Sovereign God by His people? IS THIS NOT AN OBVIOUS ANTI-CHRIST AGENDA? Children of God desperately need answers & the silence is not helping matters. Let’s talk. Maybe we should respectfully ask our President why there is this inequity and selective treatment when dealing with different sectors.

Let us also ask the South African Council of Churches what their stand is currently as it is common knowledge that they are the ones who speak with government on matters relating to churches. @OfficialSACC
Millions of SA believers really need answers.

Whats your take?

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