Police woman and son video

Is the Police woman and son video a forced or voluntary act?

South Africa is in shock as a circulating “Police woman and son video” is making the round on social media, local and abroad. A 40 years old police officer from Marble Hall – Limpopo has been arrested for allegedly r*p*ng her son. A police woman who was seen fully n*k*d and instructing her son to do the horrible act already appeared before Marble Hall magistrate’s court on Monday 23 January 2023.

It is discovered that at the time the video was taken, the boy was 10 years old and he is now 13. So this is an old video that somehow found its way to social media, as the saying goes, “we all leave something behind”.

Is the Police woman and son video a forced or voluntary act?

By gathering all comments on line, and somehow viewed screen grabs, one can notice several details on the video.

  1. The police officer lady on that video can be seen as the one holding a phone, using the front camera to capture herself and the boy doing the act, however, she looks as she is not enjoying the act and under duress. One can notice that she is on “auto-pilot” of some kind, trying to get this thing done and dusted.
  2. The boy was the most traumatising view to watch. One can see that the boy is also under duress or a forced action, and his utter discomfort and naivety can’t go unnoticed. However there is a point where he sort of look toward a direction as if there is someone standing there, and he is trying to read their facial expressions as if he is saying, “Am I doing what you wanted?”

The nation is divided with some saying the act was deliberate, whereas some confirms the rumour that the pair acted under a forceful situation and under gunpoint. Fortunately we cannot show the video as those visuals go agains our values.

What do you say?

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