Did SABC Livhu killed his wife | Detailed Answer

The body of Lindelani “Mmea Muofhe” Nengovhela was found lifeless, and according to other sources, her body was found in a pit toilet (Thoilethe ya dindi)

Did SABC Livhu killed his wife? The entire community in Venda knows that SABC Livhu (Livhuwani Madadzhe) has been in a troubled relationship with is wife, Lindelani “Mmea Muofhe” Nengovhela. The pair has been going to courts regarding SABC Livhu’s abusive tendencies and GBV related charges. So, now, the community is in shock after Lindelani Nengovhela’s body was found in a water-filled pit toilet in their backyard at Mangodi, Ha Sidou village, not so far from Tshilamba and Khubvi sides.

Did SABC Livhu killed his wife?

The Makhado Police Sergeant Tshifhiwa Radzilani confirmed that indeed the body of Lindelani “Mmea Muofhe” Nengovhela was found lifeless, and according to other sources, her body was found in a pit toilet (Thoilethe ya dindi) in their backyard on Saturday the 28th January 2022. Now this is what happened:

  1. August 2021: SABC Livhu’s wife ended up taking him to courts after the abuse and disrespect she was receiving from him was unbearable. The pair tried to fix their relationship but other problems kept on surfacing.

    The couple also trended on social media a while ago, when SABC Livhu’s wife went live and said all the vile and evil things his partner does to her, but she still stayed with him after that.
  2. January 2023 (Friday the 27th at 13h00: AFTERNOON): SABC Livhu’s wife decided to withdraw the domestic abuse case that was troubling the pair for all these years. The couple also posted a jolly picture as if they are on cloud 9.
  3. January 2023 (Friday the 27th at NIGHT): SABC Livhu comes back and found his wife, Lindelani “Mmea Muofhe” Nengovhela, seating with friends, drinking alcohol. As soon as the friends left, a fight of word ensued and neighbours could hear loud voices of the couple quarrelling. The night went by as normal.
  4. January 2023 (Friday the 28th: In the MORNING): www.cityofthohoyandou.co.za learned that SABC Livhu called the police telling them his wife is missing. The police tried to do all they can to assist including visiting his place of residence.
  5. January 2023 (Friday the 28th: The same MORNIG): He also explained to the police that he is now “shocked” to find his wife’s lifeless body inside their un-used, water-filled pit toilet. Other sources said her body was found in a shallow grave behind the house since the couple uses in-house flushing toilet. We (City of Thohoyandou Magazine) could not verify if the “missing-wife” and the “now-dead-wife” call was reported in one call or two.

The police took SABC Livhu for questioning. By law, it is always and almost automatic that should a person dies mysteriously, the partner is taken for questioning, and also becomes the “person-of-interest” in a murder case.

SABC Livhu killed his wife?

Did SABC Livhu really killed his wife?

The Provincial Head of SAPS Corporate Communication and Liaison, Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo confirmed that SABC Livhu had difficulties answering some questions on the scene, and he was taken to custody hoping he could help solving the case of his wife’s death.

SABC Livhu in custody

It is not yer clear that he is the culprit on his matter. It is confirmed that the suspect will appear in Thohoyandou magistrate’s court on Monday, the 30th of January.

A picture that was captured few hours after SABC Livhu’s wife abandoned her Domestic Abuse” case agains her husband.

Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe mentioned that: “This is yet another incident of Gender Based Violence and Femicide perpetrated against the vulnerable member of society. The woman trusted her husband that he would not again physically torment her, but she is now no more.” She also added that the community members having domestic challenges must get help and stop from resorting to violence”. There is a story of this nature on News24 as we speak.

The lifeless body of Lindelani “Mmea Muofhe” Nengovhela taken to the mortuary by SAPS

On the other side of life, SABC Livhu (Livhuwani Madadzhe) has done a lot for the community and region at large, more of his good deeds are on his website for all to see, and if possible to take part, support or contribute.

The opinion: At SABC Livhu’s house there are CCTV cameras all over, we hope this equipment will help solving this case.

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  1. He has done a lot for the community and region? ? ? Exactly what has he done except some crazy stupid things on FB? Innocent till proven guilty though

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