The deceased son feels not safe.

A month or two Gogobole village, near Louis Trichardt where shocked by a murder that took place. The deceased were identified as Matamela Ramala aged 90 and her daughter Martha Ramala aged 60. The motive behind the murder was unknown, only one family member was not hurt and nothing was taken from the house.

On Monday 01 September 2020, the son to Martha Ramala and grandson to Matamela Ramala was interviewed on Phalaphala FM to clear up the motive behind the murder.

Ambani Ramala says he still lives in fear relating to what happened to his family, every where he walks there are people following him or stalking his house. Those people a boys and man from around his neighborhood and they are the one who killed his family. Ambani continue to say that he was once member of a gang and some of his members are the one who killed his mother and grandmother, they even went as far as to wait for him in the bus stop and started shooting but he manage to run away.

He said that he believes they killed them as a warning to tell him to come back to the gang, which is the life he left long time ago. He is still scared that they will come after him . No apology will make this go away, he says. Even if he make up with them they can pretend and kill him.

He has agree to be protected by the authority as a witness.

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