The re-opening of schools

Schools have been closed for the pass 5 months due to the spread of corona virus. The 24 August 2020 is the re-opening of schools and some parts of Limpopo are not happy due to the lack of mobile classes and masks. Some areas have not received any PPEs up to this far and the sead is inevitable.

overcrowding classrooms.

[COSAS] The congress of south Africa student in Limpopo rejects the resumption of all schools grades as part of 2020 academic year. Spoke person of COSAS Sinovuya Mankayi said that schools in rural areas are less developed and will face real problems in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Chair person Skhalo Mahladi says the department has rushed the process to re-open schools, he says only grade six and eleven should return.

social distancing.

Meanwhile The Department of Basic Education spoke person in Limpopo Tidimalo Chuene says all systems have been put to place for the re-opening. Limpopo should be happy to have received all the necessities of Convid-19. All parents should alert the principal if they decide not to bring there kids to school.

Today will also be used to give out timetable on how classes will be conducted. Grade 8 and 5 will only return to school on Monday 31 August 2020.

PEU has accused the department of education of failing to consult union before re-opening of schools. Most schools in rural area are not ready, the issue of social distancing is not being practised since the department is not helping. 

Some party says today should be a trial day and they will not disturb the re-opening of schools.

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