The Story of Tshilidzi Masase (raped-killed, innocent man killed, guilty man confessed)

“I got a call at around 5am and was told to rush to where Tshilidzi lives because something bad happened. When I arrived, I found my niece’s body lying on the street. I was shocked, angry and confused because I didn’t know what happened and why someone would do that to her. She was a lovely girl, she was talkative, but didn’t speak out of turn,” Masase’s uncle Mukondi Masase said.

How it all started?

A neighbour, Refilwe Nyarhi, told Sowetan that Masase was at a party on Sunday where the attendants drank until the early hours of Monday morning. 
“We saw her leaving the party, I don’t know if she was going to the toilet or her home, but when she did not come back I thought she went home. There was a guy called Fani Ndlovu who was making moves on her, but she didn’t want anything to do with him,” she said.

Lebo Moeketsi, who lives less than 50 metres from where Masase’s body was found, said she was woken up by a neighbour who told her about the murder.
“I quickly got dressed and ran out and found Tshilidzi’s lifeless body next to the two communal toilets. Her skirt was pulled up to her stomach, her panty was pulled down from one leg, and her neck was twisted with blood coming out of her nose and mouth,” she said.

The mob justice!

The community went to the house of Fani Ndlovu, the guy who was flirting with her at the party. They dragged him out of his house and demanded that he show them the clothes he was wearing yesterday. He was wearing a Kaizer Chiefs T-shirt and a white vest, both clothes items had blood on them and that’s when people started beating him up.

Tshilidzi Masase story

Ndlovu was dragged out of his home and hauled through the streets where he was assaulted with rocks and beer bottles on his way to the crime scene.

Nyarhi said the man who was killed is the same person who was making moves on Masase.

The Twist

Anothere man confesses to have murdered Tshilidzi Masase soon after a man suspected of raping and killing her, Mr Fani Ndlovu, was beaten to death by the community of Dali Mpofu informal settlement in Ivory-Thembisa.

Now innocent man lost his life.

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