Vhembe District Municipality set R4 million to save two failed water projects.

Vhembe mayor Dowelani Nenguda

The Vhembe district municipality in Limpopo says they are working very hard to reverse chronic water shortage in the area. Under the leadership of its mayor Dowelani Nenguda says the municipality has set aside a total of R4 million to rescure two main bulk of water supply projects.

The two projects had a budget of R12 million and R25 million in the Ntabalala and Mulima village. The project have been completed but not functioning due to construction defects, this lead to more water shortage for the past 10 years. Our people are working very hard to resolve this problem and we have adjusted the budget by R4 million to turn the situation around, the department of water and sanitation spokeperson says.

Spokeperson of the Mulima tribal authority George Mukosi says they are hopeful that the municipality will rectify this to ensure that it is solved and they receive clean water. As the community we are happy that the municipality has agreed to come and help us solve this issue. Even rivers have dry out we have no where to get water he says.

He continued to say South Africa remain a country with alot of water shortage therefore it is important for those people with water to use water wisely.

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